January 2024 Newsletter

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Happy New Year!


For those of you who may have changed your coverage during the Medicare AEP, you should have received your new insurance cards by now.

Did you receive them?

Do you have any questions about your coverage?

Do you have any concerns about your new plan?

Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you.
Question: I tried to use my Humana spending account card, and I don’t see my monthly $50 incentive. Where is it?

Answer: Yes, they removed the $50 incentive for 2024. BUT, they adjusted the copay for a specialist visit to $0 (from $20.) Other competing plans often charge up to $35 copay for a specialist visit.


I Hope to See You in 2024!

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I am looking forward to helping as many seniors as I can again in 2024, and that will include a variety of educational Medicare events.

I plan to host quarterly virtual “Ask Me Anything” events and at least one in-person Lunch and Learn event. I’ll also be participating in a variety of Richmond events including vendor fairs, church events, and more. I will keep you informed of any of these via this monthly newsletter.

I am also open to speaking at any of your senior events.


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